My son was participating in Haryana State Chess Tournament. I was accompanying him. The drive from Gurgaon to Faridabad was the best thing. It’s good that my son is learning Chess from his early age. It helps to understand “Life” better. It also helps a child to perform under pressure. I was observing other parents. There are different groups of parents. The rated player’s parents are in a separate group, first timers in different group, same school different group…Just like our own societies. The aristocrats will not be comfortable with the commoners. Sitting there I was just thinking, why we have so much of “Aham”(Ego). Out of this universe, out of so many sports, so many countries, so many states, so many age groups, this is just one. Every year so many kids participate, wins or looses. Then also at that point of time the winners , their parents has the extra “air”. This happens in every sphere of life. In a corporate world the boss thinks he is the “special one”. We tend to miss how small we are in this universe. The moment we understand our smallness this “Aham” goes.